Workshops and Residencies


Mask Theatre and Movement

Are you interested in expanding your range of character? The mask is a lively and fun form of theatre that capitalizes on the mask’s power to transform the actor physically and vocally. With my existing full silent masks and half-masks, students will explore the physical and vocal aspect of a character, but with the added element of the mask. You will experience a sense of freedom, playfulness and expression that will surprise and invigorate you.

Mask Making

Students will have the opportunity to build a silent character mask that covers the entire face or a mask worn on the top of the head. These are nonverbal masks that allow the body to be fully expressive. The mask-making process includes: the plaster positive (a solid armature on which to work), clay- to build the character’s features, and layering other materials. Once these materials are dry, the clay is removed and the mask is painted. We will explore and identify how to bring the masks to life through movement and mask theatre techniques. You will be the playwrights to create an original mask theatre piece, which will culminate in a performance at the end of the residency. Geared for those that are interested in the integration of the performing arts and visual arts.

Theatre Improvisation

Stretch your imagination, think quickly on your feet and plunge into the unknown. This high energy and fun class will focus on creating scenes using theatre improvisational techniques. It will increase your physical, vocal and emotional range while you make exciting dramatic choices. We will explore the “who” (character), “what” (action) and “where” (environment). Improvisation is a powerful tool for any performer. This beginning theatre improvisation class will boost your confidence and encourage risk- taking by establishing the importance of trust from the very beginning. Be prepared to laugh!

Workshops and Residencies can be adapted to your specific needs.
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